How To Maintain A Pool and Create A One Of A Kind Backyard


Your back yard oasis should be well maintained and always operational. When you take the time and put in the effort to have a spa like back yard you want to make sure that all of the parts are working properly to keep the atmosphere in a constant state of vacation. There is no need to worry about yearly expensive trips if your yard produces good vibes and a destressing environment.

To create a top of the line back yard there are a few things that are necessary. You can take your yard from basic lawn and concrete slab to resort like comfort and luxury with some determination and hard work.


  • Comfortable seating in the form of outside couches or a table and chairs under shade
  • A shadey space produced by umbrellas, an awning or a gazeebo
  • A pool

Now that you have the basics down to create a refreshing summer retreat there are a few additional features you can also incorporate to truly expand on the space and make an at home resort.


  • Fire pit surrounded by chairs or a fire table
  • Deck or extended patio to allow for multiple seating options
  • Outdoor kitchen or grilling nook
  • Hot tub

Let’s start with the basic back yard set up. You can take basic to fantastic with just a few decorative touches. If you have a pool, table with chairs and an umbrella you can still create a back yard escape. Add some nice potted plants, a few pool floats and decorative outdoor lighting or candles on your table. If you splurge and instead of obtaining a table acquire wicker outside couches and a table then some colorful throw pillows and an outdoor rug will make the space inviting.

You may be lucky and have bought a house with an existing pool in the back yard. If this is not the case then you can contact pool contractors to have one installed. You should also have your existing one serviced and if you need a Pool Motor Repair Winter Garden FL and cities all across the United States have pool service technicians that can keep your pool and hot tub running perfectly for you.

If you are able to elaborate on your back yard you can work on the second list of features that will make your yard feel more like a regular suburban back yard and more like a vacation retreat. If your yard is large enough to incorporate a separate fire pit area with some decorative ornamental grass, drift wood and comfortable seating this will make the area feel larger and more inviting. If your yard is mostly consumed by your patio or deck and pool then you can still have the ambiance of a fire by purchasing a fire table. These double as furniture during the day light hours to hold beverages and beautiful heat and light sources when the sun goes down. You can also add a stone grilling area to your patio complete with built in shelves to hold all grilling utensils.