The importance of regular boiler maintenance

Boilers are vital to the way we live. If your boiler breaks down or goes wrong, it can not only be costly but also inconvenient and miserable!

The most important reason to maintain your boiler is simply that repairs and servicing are cheaper than buying a new boiler. A new boiler will also need installing, which will add to the cost.

Don’t wait until winter

Most people turn their heating off for the summer months; however, by leaving it unattended for weeks on end, it can become faulty and it is only when you come to use it again that you may realise it doesn’t work. To avoid this happening, test it for short bursts regularly throughout the summer.

Flame colour

If the boiler is working correctly, the flame should always be blue. If it changes colour, looks different in any way or appears yellow, it means there is a problem that could potentially be dangerous. Arrange for it to be checked immediately by a qualified plumber or gas engineer.

One of many government initiatives to tackle climate change was announced recently. Within six years, all new-build homes will be banned from connecting to the gas grid and will instead be heated by heat pumps; in addition, all cookers will be induction hobs rather than gas hobs.


Get into the habit of checking your boiler for cracks, soot and any water leaks. If you are unsure or are concerned about anything at all, always get it checked by an expert in boiler repair Gloucester such as

Qualified plumbers

Don’t be tempted to use anyone other than a professionally-qualified plumber to carry out any work on your boiler. Not only can this be extremely dangerous but also it can end up costing you more money to put any damage right.

Stay calm

No one likes being cold or not being able to have a bath or shower when they need one, but things can and do occasionally go wrong. Most plumbing companies offer an emergency call-out service and will come out in the evenings and at weekends, but a premium will be charged for this service. New boilers will be covered by a warranty, so consider extending this when it expires or look at alternative insurance options for peace of mind.